C-EDM Partner Ministries


Ministry Partners.

Nothing we do here would be possible without the love and support from our Christian electronic dance music community partners and record labels. We thank God every day for the hard work that is put in by the men and women of the C-EDM scene every day and want to make sure we give proper credit were proper credit is due. Please take a moment to visit the sites of some of our partners and if possible help spread the word about what they do to others.


Record Labels.

Below is a list of record labels that we currently work with and who’s music we distribute via www.christiandancemusic.net.



Deepsink Digital.

Led by Karl Forde, Deepsink Digital is one of the first labels to publicly back and support our ministry and for that we are eternally grateful. Please take a moment to check out the amazing productions coming from this label who is certainly one of the leaders of the C-EDM movement.

Release catalog : Click here to browse.

Main site : http://www.deepsinkdigital.com/








Above All.

If you are looking for the best in Christian trance and progressive trance look no further than Above All records based in the Netherlands. Led by Matthijs Duijm Above All is responsible for some of the highest quality C-EDM recordings out there today. Please take a moment and check out some of their productions and releases.

Release catalog : Click here to browse.

Main site :  http://www.aboveall.nl/








gdG & D Records.

G & D Records is one of the most recent labels to join the GodsDjs.com ministry and we are so blessed to have them aboard. Headed up by Resa, G & D Records is known for producing some of the highest quality Christian (worship) dubstep EDM around. Make sure to stop by their site and check out some of their most recent releases.

Release catalog : Click here to browse.

Main site :  http://g-n-d-records.com/






royaltylogoRoyalty Recordings.

Founded by Levi Whalen, Royalty Recordings is known in the C-EDM community for producing some of highest quality electronic dance music available today. If you like trance, progressive, dubstep, electro and vocal EDM make sure to check these guys out today.

Release catalog : Click here to browse.

Main site : http://www.royaltyrecordings.com








Other Charities or Ministries.

Below you’ll find other charities or ministries who we support and work with who do not release or distribute C-EDM.



(Ravers Against World Starvation).

Ravers Against World Starvation is an organization that was founded here in the Detroit area. It’s sole purpose is to gather canned goods and various food items at local raves and then distribute them to the homeless once a month via the local shelter and Detroit historic landmark “I Am My Brothers Keeper”. Since early 2011 R.A.W.S. has been the official charity of Gods DJs. Most of our local Gods DJs members are also part of R.A.W.S. and often visit the soup kitchen to help serve the food that was collected. On the second Monday of every month R.A.W.S. puts on an event called “R.A.W.S. – Serves a beat while you eat.” During this time a different dj from the Detroit rave community will come out and play music at the kitchen for all the people who have gathered while the food is being prepared. Often times many of the guests while join in dancing to house, techno, trance, dubstep, and other forms of EDM. Just before the meal is served a sermon is delivered. Many times the message is delivered by Gods DJs co-founder Becky Carlisle. After the sermon the volunteers who have been preparing the food in the kitchen then bring it out and serve the guests at their tables restaurant style. This differs from most soup kitchens since most require the guests to stand in line to be served. At R.A.W.S. we serve guests as an act of kindness and to allow more personal interaction. The event has been extremely successfully for several years but we are always looking for more donations and volunteers.

Please visit the official Facebook page and send them a message there if you are interested in helping. If you are a local Gods DJs member and wish to come out with our group please contact us via our main contact form and someone will get back with you asap.

Main site : https://www.facebook.com/rawsfood

Click here to see the most recent R.A.W.S. event photo albums.