Event Production & Outreach



Event Production & Participation.

At Gods DJs our ministry has two main focuses. First, is reaching the lost using electronic dance music as a conduit and the second is bringing EDM into the church as a mainstream form of worship. By working with various rave event production groups throughout the Midwest area (primarily Detroit & Chicago) we have had an enormous impact on the culture and the community as a whole. Thousands of ravers and party goers from the region are now familiar with us and with what we stand for and promote.





Rave Missionaries.

When you think of missionaries you normally think of pastors or families of people living in 3rd world countries feeding the poor and preaching the Gospel of Christ to those who’ve never heard. This is in a traditional sense the definition of the term. However, now our 1st world, wealthy, modern countries have become so depraved and so lost that we are ourselves also in need of missionaries to reach into the areas of society that the church cannot…or has not. This is where our ministry comes into place. For all intents and purposes we are missionaries to the rave community. Our dedicated staff regularly attend events that could require many hours of driving or even in some cases plane fair because of the love that we have for the people and for the music. It’s not uncommon for one of our volunteer groups to get home from a Saturday event at 3am in the morning and then wake up just a few hours later to attend church. Our staff and volunteers give up much of their free time and sleep to in order to build real relationships with those in the party and club scene and since starting this aspect of our ministry in 2010 we’ve seen amazing results!




Merchandise & Information Booths.

If you’re planning on attending a rave, club, or any Christian EDM event within the Midwest USA area than there is a good chance you may see one of our merchandise and information booths. They are pretty easy to spot (usually equipped with banners and flashing lights.) We use our booths as physical locations where we have a chance to tell event attendees in person what is we are doing and what we believe. We are also able to sell our merchandise which includes things like t-shirts, cd, glow sticks, and other rave toys. The funds raised from booth sales help allow us to continue our ministry both in person and over the internet. Since venturing into the rave community in late 2010 we’ve attended several dozen raves, festivals, church events and private parties and we’ve been blessed with very warm welcomes wherever the Lord takes us. Our booths also serve as a place for us to witness and pray with anyone who is willing. Over the years thousands of people have stopped by our booths with questions about God, questions about sin, questions about drug abuse, and questions about what they can do to change their lives.

Setting up and running the booths weekend after weekend is one of the most time consuming, stressful, and all around difficult aspects of our ministry however the fruit that is being produced as a result of this effort is amazing. Many lives are being changed and many views on who Christians and the church are also being changed for the better and we are so blessed and humbled to have been chosen for this ministry at this time.















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