Listen up C-EDM community! You must take some time today to watch this amazing documentary produced by our friends Jesus Luvs Ravers regarding their rave outreach ministry. When I first heard about these guys about a year ago I was really encouraged to hear that finally someone else was now doing what we’ve been doing for the last 5+ years and that we were no longer alone in this mission field. If we were to make a documentary it would almost be word for word what they have said and done here. It’s incredible how similar our ministries are and how the rave community re-acts to their presence the same as it does to our.

We support these guys 100% and you should too! Please watch and share this video. This is to my knowledge the first high-quality, professional, documentary ever done regarding rave missionaries and it needs to been seen by the world. Keep up the great work guys and we hope to be able to meet you in person soon!

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  1. Avatar of Truwavz

    Not sure why these folks only have about a 2/5 rating at the moment…they are really awesome people doing an amazing thing. And, the video was excellent.

    • Avatar of Rodimus

      Our site’s article voting buttons are spammed by hackers and bots…we are trying to get it fixed!

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