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I really thank you all for good discussion and contribution. I wish you good times with god and that he shows you what he personally has for you prepared :-)

For me I want to do the following things with you and for you and also for all lovers of christian electronic music, that you also call christian dance music.

1. With technochrist I want to produce as much best quality electro, hardstyle, house.. with hearable christian messages as possible.

2. I want to integrate every talented music producers in the work of technochrist. You can make a remix and if it is good you will be distributed worldwide. Maybe you let me be that player to have a good coordination with a professional label system behind.

3. With my label mwam-records I want to support any christian electronic music producers with a clear message. I have knowledge about professional distribution and quality to provide gentle christian messages worldwide to any store. Beatport will follow soon.

4. I am going to deliver the songs of technochrist and mwam-records to any christian DJ for FREE who tells me he wants this music with clear message.

5. I want to have friendship with you all, DJs, producers, clubbers.

6. I am open for any further suggestions.

Its all for Jesus and for the people who are hungry for more.