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agreed Fezzik, they are good compositions, its true good tracks, and yes the technical part of a good mastering process is very dificilt, actually I think is just not possible to get that crystal clear sound of a pro mastered track, unless you send the track to a pro studio with all the gear and engeniers to master it, normally the raw tracks before they get to the big studios sound bad in terms of EQ, Fequencies, etc.

and I agree with Graphite in the fact that songs need lots of changes, with filters, automation, build ups, basically a track has to make you feel that sensation of expectancy, to wait for what is coming after the break down, or after that filtered build up, you know, that is why I find a little funny when some one says, I finish a track in one day.

In general Miximus, very good work , yes we get better with practice and time. Thanks God for this talent you have man