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@djrodimus wrote:

Hey guys instead of the usual new years resolutions I thought we should do an official GodsDJs prayer requests for the new year thread where everyone posts a personal prayer request and or a prayer requests for the community.

Personal: Lord, I pray that in 2011 you’ll help me to be the leader that you’ve called me to be both in my home and in this community. Also, help me to be more committed to my prayer / Bible study time while at home.

Community: Lord, I pray that you’ll continue to bless this community and ministry in 2011 both in size and in influence around the world and locally. I pray for thousands of new members and hundreds of new worship releases to come forth in 2011 for your glory.

Something like that ^^^ :D

Well done guys.

Lord I thank you for all the brothers and sisters here, I thank you for all the talent that you dear Father gave to them and it’s being used for your glory. I ask you Lord Almighty that you blessed them every day in their lives and that Your will and glory will shine more than ever with the christian dance music around the world.
In the name of our dear Jesus Christ . Amen