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ok a few things… one, dates change in the army ALL the time, i hardly ever know days of what im going to do almost all the time. two, the reason i said i couldn’t go wasn’t because i was going to be overseads, but because the dates they were going to give me for my leave when im back were in june only. those are fixed dates, and its really hard to change them. but there is a ray of hope, i think i have a 4 day weekend for memorial day so there is still a chance i can come, i just have to get the days approved with my unit, and talk to my wifey. its still a shot in the dark as logistically going to this event would be a rough bunch of travel days as i would have to fly back to texas and then sign back out and then fly again the very next day to go to jackson. ill explain it to you more on the phone when i get in cell phone capabilities. the army is kind of silly… you just gtta understand that…