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I believe that, if we truly understood how high the bar is, we’d more fully appreciate the level of our depravity (even at our best as Christians) and our complete need of, and reliance on, our Savior. I really think that, if God, say, set off a flashing light and siren every time that we didn’t meet HIS standard (instead of our human interpretation of His standard), we’d at best measure our successful stretches in minutes or hours, not days.

Any time that I’ve started to feel that I was really getting a handle on my sin, God would either (1) peel away another layer and reveal the wrongness of behaviors that I hadn’t previously considered to be sinful or (2) remind me that pride is in fact a sin. ;)

Not meant to be a downer. Just a reminder of how much God truly loves us, how much sin we each place on Jesus, and how grateful we should be.