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Oh, I agree that we have no chance of overcoming sin in our own strength. Any success that I have is due to the power of God in my life. And as a Christian, I’m not a slave to sin. A slave really has no choice but to obey; however, Christ in my life now gives me a choice. At the same time, while my spirit resides in this fleshly shell, I believe that full perfection is an unattainable goal, but one that we must still diligently seek out of obedience and love for God and to make us ever more aware of our dependence on Him (see Romans 7).

I also believe that Jesus’ “go and sin no more” statements were commands, like the Ten Commandments are commands. When God said “Do not commit adultery”, He wasn’t saying “You’re an Israelite, one of my chosen people, you are able to longer commit adultery.” He was saying “Don’t do it.” So was Jesus. He told the woman caught in adultery the same thing, but in the gospel account, there’s not even any indication that, at that point, the woman believed that Jesus was anything but a good teacher. As such, she wouldn’t have tapped into the power of the Holy Spirit to free her from her slavery to sin. Any sin-no-more-ing would still have been in her own strength.