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Hey Friends. I am sending this regarding our event on April 9th. I have connected with most of you on this event being our 10 yr anniversary. We want to have a fun night, I know Frankie, Adam and a few others will be Djing along with Andy Hunter who is scheduled at this point to fly in from the UK. Several of you have also pledged to help out on the financial end to help with the expense of havnig Andy Hunter come join us which will be 1,300.00 dollars. I just want to ask one last time due to the time closing in if you are willing to help in anyway that would be great. At this point I need to send a deposit of half the amount, which there is nothing to send at this point. the $5 we charge at the door every month barley covers expenses to the church, therefore that is why we have been trying to get support from other sources such as yourselves who have had vision and support for Club Worship at one point or still do today.. If you can help out financially, please send a check made out to Hope of the Nations and earmark it for CLub Worship.. send to 134 North 5th St. Reading Pa, 19601.. I hate to say it, but if we cant cover the initial cost within 2 weeks I am going to have to cancell having Andy come.. we can still have a good night either way, but Andy has been at Club Worship before and is a cool guy.. please let me know in response to this message also if you are planning on helping in this way.. thanks.

From Joshua Horst
Organizer of Club Worship