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Most definitely food for thought. Depending on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go, just think on this. If Paul, Peter, or John were present during one of our worship services would they recognize what was going on?

And a lot of hyms sung today that are cherished favorites of several main line denominations are written to the tune of a popular beer drinking tavern song in its day. Which one would have to come to the conclusion that those tunes resembled the culture at that time. I think it is wisdom to walk the fine line when it comes to ministering in this fashion. It is something I think of quite a lot actually.

I am for ministering to a generation or culture by using non traditional means but not at the cost of sacrificing the heart of the tradition. And I am speaking of tradition of the Holy things passed on from Apostle to bishop until the present day. I am not speaking of traditionalism. There is a difference in the two. Tradition is good, traditionalism is bad.