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I use Logic with reason and massive is awesome to use, them both together. Now If you use massive don’t use the presets make your own or at least tweak them hard. Massive is great for bass and leads but you can make pads and anything you can think. Now taking your time to learn about your needs for what type of music you are going to produce. Then you know what you need to make your music come out a lot better. Also to say you need to learn your how to use multiple instrument to do what one can do is kinda of foolish. layering your instruments is awesome don’t get me wrong, I do that myself. If you use sample or a virtual instrument make it your own. I would tell you that you can’t go wrong with either one. Presets are just a way to help give you a bump in your creative spirit that God gave you. If you choose to us them cool but if it pushes you to something totally something you have created then that is cool to. Be yourself when when you do what you do.