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I agree with Eternal. I just wanted to say something for the sake of having a discussion. I have been using some great programs for many years. Especially with FL studio you can use you typing keyboard as a piano and things like that. But just the other day I went to a friends house who owns a Virus

Such an awesome cutting edge synth. After palying my typing keyboard for a long time and going to this keyboard, this ws such a blessing. I spent a good hour and a half straight .. just playing this keyboard. Creating melody after melody lol… Especially with our type of music we use a bit of simpler melodies compared to such classical styles or arabian style in my liking. In other word i’m just simply saying that purchasing a keyboard is very much worth it. I myself have to make a little dough then I’ll be able to get one of these with no problem, God willing. Of course after my tithes. ;) Praise Jesus.

It’s a definite jump from using the computer keyboard to key in notes for your composition to least going to a midi keyboard. Another jump is using an analog or digital keyboard for sound source and midi input too. Virus is a great synth no doubt, I have one as well and haven’t looked back.