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why can you guys just learn how the bass is made? (wave-table synthesis and effects) you can do it in with alot of other vst and layering the basses with a different vst to get the sounds you.
So in Reason you can make any kind of bass sound (kind of)
Truly if i bought Reason i would not even look at a vst! (i dont like using vst any more)
you dont need massive, try and under stand what you just bought
Reason is good, you dont need vst when you can manipulate so many things in it with lots of modulus and you can make your own wave table from a sample.wav ect
and for you vst guys http://www.sonigen.com/ (you can build a very big large rack)
you can load you own samples.wav to a wave table
and have alot more wave shapes then massive, with your own samples
(so to say i am not going to buy massive it dose not interest me!)
study! study!