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It’s a definite jump from using the computer keyboard to key in notes for your composition to least going to a midi keyboard. Another jump is using an analog or digital keyboard for sound source and midi input too. Virus is a great synth no doubt, I have one as well and haven’t looked back.

Yes for sure. I don’t own a keyboard any longer, but I used to own two. A very nice Roland XP-50. Heavy rugged sounds, and different almost organic sounding filters and effects. Also owned an MS-2000 Korg. that was a nice synth as well. Almost sounded like a Nord. Had a fine and sharp sound. Yet I have to go back to my Roland because I would get deep into sound creation…and there were a lot of internal options with that Roland. And actually I was at Sam Ash the other day, and there’s a few very nice keyboards. I’m like the Analog ones of course the Minimoog and Voyager….However the R3 sound really awesome as well. Then there’s the Roland Phantom (worldly name but whatever) That keyboard is very awesome. Many nice sounds…both synth and acoustic samples. Just thought I’d rant a bit. I love synths. God Bless.