Re: Amazing Weekend!

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Greetings, everyone.

Please pardon a new member for jumping in on this conversation, but I was wondering if the photos from this past Movement are available. I ran into Alan (if memory serves) at the festival, who took a photo with me in it, and provided some of your literature. While our conversation was brief, I learned a little about your mission, which is closely aligned with my Straight-Edge-based approach to the world of electronic music. I admire the way you are dedicated to the appreciation of music, such a historically important component of worship, without any modifying influences.

I hate to sully my first post here with a request, but I was wondering if there was a way I could get a copy of the photo Alan took of me. If these will be posted to a gallery in the future, I’ll keep my eyes open, but a full-resolution copy of the original would be ideal. It should be a pretty easy photo to find, unless you found more than one six-foot-four gent in home-brewed urban-camo fatigues, pinstriped waistcoat, dog tags, leg rig, and black bandanna. ;)

Thanks in advance for your help, and hopefully I’ll see you guys at future festivals.