Re: Amazing Weekend!

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@Ockham wrote:

Would anyone mind giving me Al’s forum name or (via PM) e-mail address? I’d really like to get my hands on that photograph, even if it means being a nuisance and contacting him out of the blue directly.


Nate has been working on the new front page of the site and the picture galleries. I know he has more pics to upload but what I saw from the galleries I haven’t seen someone to fit this description.

@Ockham wrote:

It should be a pretty easy photo to find, unless you found more than one six-foot-four gent in home-brewed urban-camo fatigues, pinstriped waistcoat, dog tags, leg rig, and black bandanna.

He’s been getting it already to go live.

Here’s Al’s forum page:


maybe he can help ya.