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Pelagius stressed that human will had potential to live a morally sound life without Gods aid… so this extreme can also be classified as human striving for righteousness, which becomes will worship. Augustine, however, stressed the importance of Gods grace, which is needed because humans cannot be righteous on their own. Thus results the two extremes.

Richard Foster in his book, “Celebration of Disciple” discusses the concept of these two extremes that, if I understand correctly, somewhat correspond to the works of Pelagius and Augustine. The idea walking down the spiritual road of disciplined grace with human striving for righteousness on the right and absence of human striving on the left paints a pretty good picture of how we can get too concerned with our own efforts to be Christ-like, or not concerned enough.

@Josiah Fingaz wrote:

So it is important that we understand what the difference. In the west we often bounce between the two extremes. And that can totally warp ones understanding of the faith.

The two extremes you meant were the two extremes I mentioned above? I agree that if one only follows one or the other they will fall of the road of disciplined grace.