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YAY i got it i got it! thanks to ari, i got it uploadign, it is in process now! the link is http://www.dj-ellipse.com/KatesSong.mp3 ok so this one is not finished, and i kinda rushed a little to get it over here cuz i was excited i figured out how to beat the system… so in one part of the song theres a random bit of percussions for about 2 bars, this is some percussion im experimenting on, but im thinking im gonna change it for the final pruduct because i dont like how it turned out… anyway, the levels are also a little bit on the high side too so be warned about that. other than that its basicallyx finished as far as layout goes… just need to fix the levels the percs, and maybee a few more fx, and shes done! let me know what you think! also slipstream will be up soon too, so you get to hear it also /squeal!