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please specifiy what is the free ravescene in uk?
(I’m sure it means something different in Berlin)

Here in Berlin / Germany it is a scene called illegal partys where they mostly playing tech-house ( we also call it minimal).

I got an live techno evangelization in Germany (Its nearly the only one), and the UK is only a hop away, so if somebody can pay my flight tickets (ryanair is really cheap) and provide me with some cheap food and a place to sleep, I would be there for any rave on the weekends to proclaim the Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ.

in the midst of February and march I could be there longer.

yeah its my vision, and I also know it from here, that its much stronger having people from abroad preaching.

just a few videos
(jesus died for you on the cross (german)
(happiness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GRx8ww6s5w )
(more trance somehow)
I’m also spinning records (vinyl/digital (of course more))

Do you got something specific allready there now?
God bLess