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@theod wrote:

please specifiy what is the free ravescene in uk?
(I’m sure it means something different in Berlin)

Here in Berlin / Germany it is a scene called illegal partys where they mostly playing tech-house ( we also call it minimal).

I got an live techno evangelization in Germany (Its nearly the only one), and the UK is only a hop away, so if somebody can pay my flight tickets (ryanair is really cheap) and provide me with some cheap food and a place to sleep, I would be there for any rave on the weekends to proclaim the Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ.

in the midst of February and march I could be there longer.

yeah its my vision, and I also know it from here, that its much stronger having people from abroad preaching.

just a few videos
(jesus died for you on the cross (german)
(happiness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GRx8ww6s5w )
(more trance somehow)
I’m also spinning records (vinyl/digital (of course more))

Do you got something specific allready there now?
God bLess

Yes illegal rave scene, am in the middle of somthing right now but Il check your stuff out later and get back to you.