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I understand their thinking though. I heard them discussing one year maybe this past year at cstone that anything past like 120 or much over and the crowds kind of dwindled. In my opinion and in theirs too I believe that it’s because of the main base of cornerstone, it is still mostly a rock/hardcore/metal, and to a tiny extent a hiphop crowd with alot of teens who just want easy stuff to dance too. Not even trying to be devils advocate here, but with having attended cornerstone since 1999 with only one year off (2001) it seems to be the case, though in the “Earlier” days like late 90′s early 2000′s the rave crowd was more prevalent there. In most part to Nsoul and myx being in their haydays stiil or nearing the end. It really is a different crowd there than most fests that are catered to edm lovers like us… Have to experience it for yourself.

That being said, it wouldn’t hurt to have one or two sets of d n b. It was awesome one year when Evol Intent of Diesel boy spun. Though again the crowd dwindled a bit. This is just my two cents.