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he has done very well. :) cant wait 2 hear many more tracks from him :)

also on a slight sidenote but kind of back on subject, tyDi Scored the #52 spot which is higher than both John O’Callaghan and Sean Tyas scored in last years poll which was also their first year in the top 100.. and this is his first year… if JOC managed to climb 36 places from 60th – 24th this year, im sure next year tyDi will be following closely behind (if not leading JOC behind him :P lol).
He has plans to tour next year into several new countries as well as launching his own radio show “Global Sound System” which will be broadcast in 20 countries once a week. this will be similar to what Armin has set up with his Asot radio show, and hopefully it will have similar effects on his career and the promotion of his music. :)