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@glm wrote:

I didn’t watch the video Dmitri linked, so I’m not going to speak to that, but….

No disrespect meant, Nate, but did you watch the same “Avatar” movie that I did? In the one I saw, the pantheism/gaia theology was extremely heavy handed. So much so that I really considered walking out of the theater.

When he “went native”, Jake Sully wasn’t portrayed as having gone crazy. Yeah, most humans in the movie (the “close-minded” ones) thought that he had gone nuts, but from the movie’s point of view, he wasn’t shown as crazy; he’d become enlightened. In fact, in the entire movie, the only good humans are the ones who likewise become enlightened and embrace the gaia worship of the Na’vi.

Also, to say that the Na’vi were “probably little more then aniamls [sic]” would be to make the same comparison with Australian aborigines or other primitive peoples in South America, Africa, etc. The Na’vi were shown to be primitive technologically, but superior to humans spiritually. And, in fact, after Jake prays to the Tree of Souls, the spirit of the planet rallies many species who join the Na’vi to defeat the more advanced humans militarily.

I don’t know know the pantheism could get any more blatant than that.

um…im sorry but do we know you? this is just a very unusual post to make as your first comment after just joining a new community. most people usually post a few times introducing themselves and talking about music before disagreeing with the system admin.

…and no we must have watched two different movies… :?