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dude, i dont know who that guy is but i disagree with him 100%. sure avatar has that sort of message but so does EVERY single american indian movie or movie about tribal peoples etc. also he totaly lies and says humans are encouraged to connect with plants and trees and thats not what is in the movie at all. its the Navi…who aren’t saved…who aren’t under the Blood of Jesus and who are probably little more then aniamls.

the one guy who became a navi did so basically because he was in love and because he was crazy lol. i dont think the message of the movie was that we should all become Navi and plug into the planet :D

and did anyone else happen to notice that he said that HIS film crew was on the set of a porno to get footage for EASTER! WTCrap man.

so he’s cool with supporting porn and extreme violence in film but not a movie thats a little treehuggy… ?