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@graphite412 wrote:

Hey if you like the quality of analogue you might check out these two synths.
They are said to be comparable to the Virus TI, which is an industry standard.



these are the two best sounding synths that I’ve ever heard from software. Just awesome…
You might check out the demos. These are a lot better sounding that albino, NI stuff, and Logic’s stuff. A thought before you spend a lot of cash on analogue.

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I can vouch for sylenth1….Its my primary vst, and i get some amazing sounds from it.

but i think the OP wants the warm anolouge sounds,

i suggest circuit bending… thats about as analouge as it get, and its very fun, and quite simple… basically its just cracking open something that makes noise, and messing with the circut boad, and if your good, you can install toggles and such.
i do it and its awesome haha!