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@DWORD wrote:

This game is full of anachronism. That’s a big word but basically it means that the technology and ideas are out of place with the time period the game is set it in. This is basically what defines the cultural genre of steampunk. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steampunk . So basically this game boils down to steampunk with a genetic twist. So I guess if you think steampunk is weird or gross (which most non sci-fi geeks will agree), this game will probably freak you out.

Steampunk be mah favorite anachronistic fictional sub-genre, yo!

(Okay not really, but seriously my aunt is a huge Steampunk buff. Goggles and everything. ‘.’ )

@DWORD wrote:

Bioshock is totally not for children by any means. The themes are things like.. utopic society, elevating man to God, genetics/gene therapy, socialism, drug abuse/addiction, greed, manipulation, pride, temptation, even slavery to a degree.

If I were to sum up what was morally inept in this game it would be that within this story, it is the lust for power through earthly wisdom that led to the disturbing end result.
Elevating people to a God-like status using things like genetics and a total cult like (utopia) fashion. Cults always use the auspicious guise of Christianity to lure ppl. It reminds me of the German story of Faust http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faustus

Good word, DWORD! That’s exactly the type of insight I was hoping for as to the overarching themes in the game. Thanks a bunch my friend! Consider me chewing on that. Om nom nom. Proverbs 1, om-nom-nom.

PS: Healthpack, om nom nommm