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Hi All,

I realize this thread is a little old. But thought I would post my thoughts.
The current book I’m working through on music theory is: “The Complete Idiots Guide to Music Theory” Michael Miller. I have Hewitts book on Music Theory for Computer Musicians. Had to stop reading that book because it was confusing in its presentation. Also have Hewitts book on composition but haven’t cracked it open yet.
I also have The Complete Idiots Guide to Music Composition. Also by Miller. Right now “The Idiots Guide…Music Theory” by Miller is teaching me the most about music theory. To be clear, this is not the type of music theory you learned in college where you had to know what notes resolved to what other notes etc. This is very practical music theory.

I also have Music Composition for Dummies by Scott Jarrett and Holly Day (Kindle Edition)
I have read a little of this book.

The book at the top of my list is the Complete Idiots Guide….Music Theory. Once I finish that one it will be the Composition book by the same author.