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Not only Bootlegs are a case, I even in doubt about samples so I started buying Royality Free samples or doing everything with hardware. There is probaly one bootleg which I like very much and I own the original Track its Jesus Muzik by Lacrae in a Frank Nuckless Remix so its maybe just asking reach records or lacrae himself to legalize it.
But I would never play it on radio stations unless I got a permission by Lacrae.

As far as I know from the music industry they tolerate bootlegs, but no illegal file sharing.
That have something to do with the following case:
If DJ XY makes a Bootleg of a Song which is a current marketing project in the label, the bootleg could help to sell the original more often, because the bootleg is played in clubs for example. The major labels license the bootleg very fast in most cases. And they release acapellas within the releases (on 12″ very often) in most cases so they know the djs needs and they know what the dj is doing with that. (Thats only illegal if you grab the acapella on the net without paying for it).
I sometimes found bootlegs on 12 inches so the record might be illegal.
(But try to make a vinyl record with illegal stuff :)

As long as you respect the music industry, paying for your tracks (if not send by label or artist himself) and keep your computers clean of file sharing systems the music industry will respect your work. In german law they often first issue a caution for illegal remixes hosted on your site.

Copy kills music, remixes put the music to another level.
So if you making a bootleg and want to release it somehow have a talk with the label, in most cases they find a proper solution and they are sometimes very happy about good remixes.

Samples of the Bible I’m taking from LibriVox.
I have got all my tracks on Jamendo like the Album Gospel Requalization http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/42731

God Bless