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@Dj Genesis wrote:

cant say if heard of PWM… AND U LIVE WITH UR PARENTS? whatevr, not my problem

Hey don’t despise your humble beginnings ;) . Everybody starts out as a starving musician right? Lol.

PWM Records is a new label with the ability to distribute to over 200 online mp3 stores including Beatport, iTunes, Napster, DJDownload, etc. It’s owned by former DeepLife Records artist Carl Parnell from Reborn.

What I did with the vocal track is started recording at bar 17. You can use the whole thing as is any place you like, or break it down into smaller vocal chunks and/or glitch them or whatever. Feel free to scrap as much or as little of it as you like.

I hope you like the vocals as much as I do. I really enjoyed doing this. If you’d like to collab on more tracks like this then let me know ;) .

Here’s the tentative mixdown I made with reverb and delay on the vocals… just so you get an idea of what I was sort of hearing: [attachment=0:45rsheox]Genesys – Breakdown Chaos ft JHT3.mp3[/attachment:45rsheox]

Here’s the full quality WAV file.. 32 bit 44.1khz stereo: http://www.mediafire.com/?mynrzhmjcjm