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@diepsloot wrote:

Your righteousness shines like the dawn.
The enemy cant be in the light, stick to THE light and keep praises coming out your mouth!

I like that verse. I’m gonna keep it close to heart. Thanks again everyone for all your prayers.

To update you: Fasting was awesome. I felt myself grow deeper in my walk with God and was surprised and pleased to look back and see how much I’ve grown already. One highlight of the day was a phone call from the wife of DJ Rodimus. I found her encouragement (and that of Nate in the background XD ) very uplifting. By the time midnight hit, I felt so happy and energized. I’m coming out of a sickness that usually left me exhausted, so it was a great feeling. Even better, when I picked Jesse up from work (he works a late shift), he agreed to go to church with me the next morning!

Unfortunately, in the morning he changed his mind. He’s an insomniac who hadn’t slept in two days and right then was when he crashed. (Gee, I wonder whose influence that might have been? :roll: :( ) I was disappointed and sad, but before I could let myself get really down about it, I realized that expecting instant results, while possible through God, was unrealistic. So, I continue to pray and wait on the Lord, and I have committed to fasting every Saturday from now until I’m old and gray if that’s what it takes to bring him to salvation. I hope you’ll all continue to keep us in your prayers.