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“Something to remember is that the early church (I believe after Revelations was written, but before Costantine) would require 3 years of training and constant supervision before being called a “believer”

Just curious where you find this in scripture. The first 5 chapters in acts suggests that the people who came to believe were right then the believers.

This isn’t in scripture, and as such should not be taken as doctorine. This is found (I believe) in the works of Bosephus – a documenter of the early church who is believed to be accurate.

This is historical not scriptural.

I believe church memebership solves specific problems that churches commonly run into, and I was just trying to point out how the early church solved those same problems.

So are we required by scripture to be a “church member” ? No, not at all. Church membership simply prevents problems that are universally common. If the church doesn’t deal with these issues, then satan WILL use that avenue of attack, and will be successful.

Because someone is a member of a church does not make them a christian. I know deacons… and pastors who did not know Christ as their personal Savior.

That being said, every true christian has a yearning to ministry in one way or another. I question a church that allows a person to minister without being a member. Everything may be cool – but I personally would look before I myself allowed myself to be “yoked” to what may be just a social club or worse.

I like this guy. He is always on point! :)