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Peae and blessings T Bear,

I must say that your critique is by far the most articulate I ve ever received. And considering the comment of how highly you hold Reach Records Lamp Mode and Cross Movement, I am truly humbled by your putting me next to their quality. But thats nothing but dat Holy Spirit moving through me and my music. And to be honest, as far as the connetion with the beats to my rhymes, considering I do all of the production, composing, and lyrical writing, thats truly a blessing to me to hear that you like 99.9 percent of it. I ve been told that many times and really what I need is other production from other producers who can spiritually connect with me where I am in my Christian Walk. Thats really that 1 percent that s missing….. colaboration with others.

So believe me, I hear you when it comes to that, and to be honest if there are any other producers out there that are feeling my ministry of music, I would be honored to get some tracks from them because its really easy for me to do an album with my producing and making the beats while at the same time writing the rhymes, but its really refreshing to have someone else be able to connect with me spiritually and we make a masterpiece to the glory of GOD. So thank you for that amazing critique and if I can connect with a producer to balance that 1 percent that you spoke of, then again to GOD be the Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless,
Mr. C-N.I.L.E. (Notorious In Lyrical Expression)
NU Level Entertainment (Never Under-rated) LLC