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@Jon DeLaughter wrote:

:? My friends and I share almost all of our tunes & we get them form many sources. I have spent tons of cash on a lot of it and I swap and share with whom I want. There is no harm in that. If i want to share a tune with anyone, I will. Its as simple as that. Music is made to be shared and enjoyed. Now if i were here posting massive DLs, whole EPs etc. I’d understand your…. dislike of my sharing. ;)

Lets put some perspective on this.
I run a successful house label. Do I make a lot of money out of it? No.
In fact, Im lucky if i break even. I buy music from the labels i like. I dont share. I put everything i make from the label back into it again.
Sharing music with a few mates, im not so bothered about.
Links to to 320s of mp3s? Thats a no go. As I said, clips or low res copies, fine. By posting 320s on public sites, you are contributing to the whole piracy thing, and actually limiting the guys who put out the music you love.

Theres a perception that theres millions floating round the music industry. Especially in house music, there ain’t that much. Yes music should be shared. But theres better ways of doing it that doesnt involve theft.