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not racist considering im married to an asian women, and i think we should be able to poke fun at all races (not in a mean sense) including mine / your own. im 1/2 itialian and 1/2 german if you want to call me a greasy arian i will laugh right along with you as long as you’re not doing it as a true insult :D

i think people are too uptight about our racial differences and need to joke about them…as long as its in good fun.

im not one for political correctness or “racial sensitivity” or any other libreal mindsets but nor would i ever stand for someone really insulting someone based on thier race. i can honestly say that i have very close friends in many races, black, indian, asian, latin… and im certain that none of them would call me racist or insensitive in any way. i think our differences should be celebrated and laughed about not used to take offense.