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Hi, my name’s Peter from south London, I go to Horizon Church Sutton. I’m not a dj necessarily but I am a producer and I make trance, hard trance & freeform. There’s talk of an event starting up in High Wycombe towards the end of the year that will be EDM-worship led. Not sure of the finer details but there’s a few guys involved who don’t know much about EDM but are trying to generate interest.

My heart is that this should not be viewed as simple “an event” but part of an ongoing church experience. It sucks that some Christians have a very limited view on what they think worship music is and isn’t, and what they think should be in church and what they think is best confined to the “youth room”.

If anyone in the UK is reading this and you want to get involved or are interested, let me know. We’re looking for mix-tape demos or produced music.

Nehemiah was a man of action who didn’t sit around and wait for someone else to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, he got off his backside and did something about it.

Back in the day I used to go raving at some of London’s greatest underground club venues and I always thought to myself that one day this could be church and instead of everyone taking drugs and getting smashed, people would be worshipping the Lord and the Holy Spirit would provide the energy to rave till 6am…imagine that, it’s almost to beautiful for me to comprehend.