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Well, my overall rhetoric in the subject of this post wasn’t meant to be taken at face value.

And of course my production value falls short of artists who have been picked up by the secular industry. I’m a self taught producer working with a very limited budget compared to Skrillex. I do EVERYTHING myself, composing, mixing, mastering; everything you hear in my music I did myself, which is QUITE a lot and a very lengthy process. The amount of resources at Skrillex’s fingertips far outweighs that of mine. I guarantee he does not mix or master his own music and he certainly has had help in much of his production work. He’s even been mentored by some of the best DJ’s of our time, and to be honest, while I certainly do admire some of his work, I’m not his hugest fan either; that happened as soon as he became an overnight sensation and the raw grittiness of his music became ultra-polished. My true aim in my description was to garner attention, and yes perhaps it was naive of me to not fully explain myself but when you post a topic people only want to read so much before they get to the clicking and hearing – but that aside, what is most important to me is that Christians need EDM that competes with the secular cousins.

And thank you for your last paragraph of advice, while I do appreciate it, I’m not really trying to be like anyone. My musical influences are too vast for me to count, and to be honest, I actually deprive myself of musical influences for vast periods as I feel they conflict with my own creativity. I do exactly what you mentioned: I create art that is pleasing to myself and to God. But I have big dreams. I dream of creating HIGH QUALITY EDM that draws people in and exposes them to the truth, the love, the redemption, the grace, and the mercy of God. Now think…. what about all those people who aren’t exposed to that side?…. their is a little known Christian side of this music (secular) which has resided underground for so long but now is becoming mainstream? What references do they have to compare to? Secular ones, and that was my aim with my description, and maybe you have better ways of going about this.

BTW, by the time I was coming off the high of this song I truly felt it could rival Skrillex, and I certainly know my composition could. Just my mixing and mastering is still an ongoing process, and to be honest, I dont want to be mainstream, I like rawness, and slight imperfections.

Anyways I would love to talk to you more on this topic if its something that interests you and you perhaps have any further advice. Thank you for taking the time to actually listen to the song and I assure you that everything I’ve said has been sincere. To be honest you’re the first person to have actually criticized my music in this particular fashion. Reply if you’d like to talk more about this kind of stuff and maybe we can setup some sort of communication via skype or some other IM (im all over the place). -Much love Dude