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Great idea!! This sounds pretty attainable if we all just pulled our resources. We should get some of the GodsDJs crew together and film some production EDM stuff in my studio too I have Ableton and Ableton, and the room to do it (it would make for a great background in the video with interviewing… thoughts? I’m actually going to be home in Michigan now unexpectedly from DEC 11th till after Christmas. I NEEEEEEED to produce, it’s in my veins that I need to write music, pronto. Anyways, let’s DO THIS!!!!!!!! We just need to come up with a general concise overview of what we would want in this video, our target audience, and figure out exactly what our overall message is. Many of this big DJs have documentary videos of their travels, trials, etc. So maybe we should go out with our Christian theology and our voice in the EDM scene? I don’t know, we can come up with specifics soon.