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Triple Y

Hi! I just yesterday found the GodsDJs community and joined :)
Anyway, I am a DJ and producer from Estonia. And a follower of Jesus the Christ. Anyway, I have some tracks, recently made. I thought maybe it’s good for you DJ-s to play my tracks @ parties or whereever good or necessary…:) and if some moderators read this, you are welcome to add my songs to your EDM albums, if something new is coming out…:) It’s all for the God and His children to find Him and his blessings and divine love.

Here are the tracks to download: http://www.upload.ee/files/684545/TripleY_3_songs.zip.html

you can find some the songs and lyrics also at YouTube:

God bless you!

Triple Y

ps. you can contact me via email: tripley@tre.ee