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I just read this post I made after having an awesome night out passing out Future Sounds of Worship III flyers with DJ Rodimus and Becky. My life really changed for the better after devoting my music life to Christian Techno instead of my original mainstream choices. This website served as the portal to keeping me away from serving the wrong master with my God given musical talents and passion. I just had a taste of what doing God’s work in my social life feels like. It feels awesome. Dancing with other people feels great, but dancing to Gospel House music with fellow God’s DJs and witnessing about Christ to others is something I want you to have in your life as well. I meandered in the mainstream club scene for nothing. Now I am God’s team living for a purpose! I am having so much fun and connection helping promote FSOW. Be a pioneer in your community and promote Christian Dance Music!!! You will never stop once you begin it is so great, I promise you. Bear with my ADD for a minute and let’s get back to your house party you are about to throw.
So you first get together with some other fellow Christian buddies ( Iron sharpens Iron) and you get some help to throw your house party. “Plan it and He will come!” Tell everyone you know you are doing it. Convert them from rock and roll or pop music if you have to.
Download some you tube videos on some dance steps if you have to.
Make Kandi bracelets that say “What would Jesus do and pass them out at the party.”
Get people to RSVP and work the phone hard.
Next thing you know you have a raging dance party at your house that is a chance to praise God and you all become better friends ( and dancers).
You also learn about P.L.U.R. the ultimate Christian way, we’ll get into that later.
I’m gonna use pictures soon to illustrate the Christian house party revolution.
That’s it for now and may God bless you as he has me with Christian EDM fever.