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@djrodimus wrote:

guys i just want to interject and say that I’m really proud of this community for being able to discuss this question maturely and Biblically without starting a flaming war…

no pun intended :o :lol:

well…maybe a little pun… :shock: ;)

^^ :lol:

But seriously…

The Bible is definitely clear on the matter, so no room for argument there. Man and woman was made to be man and woman, not man and man. I agree with glm. It is a sin just like any other and should be treated as such, and only acting a upon it is considered a sin. Temptation is not the same as sin, because even Jesus was tempted. It should be treated as any other sexual sin, addiction, idolatry etc. All we can do is try to share the gospel and pray for these people, for they need it the most. Do your best to be a solid example of the love of God to them as opposed to condemning them so that they might not turn their backs on God completely. It’s not our jobs to judge these people, as we were one in the same unrighteous, sinful, wretched, disgusting boat as them at one point. We were born into it, and were liberated from it by God grace alone.