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I’m sure I’d get skinned alive (and worse) for posting this on that page, but I have sometimes wondered what the world would be like today if OT law had been enforced through the centuries. Adultery and fornication wouldn’t be rampant. People would more be likely to choose wisely when looking for a spouse. Rebellious and bratty children would be far less abundant. Society as a whole would probably be much better off.

What do we have instead? Sex outside of marriage is normal, and the idea of abstinence is a joke. Most marriages end in divorce, and marriage itself is a joke. Kids have like zero respect for authority figures, adults in general, or each other.

The commenter that said something like “oh, they’ll just bring up anti-gay verses in Romans” is actually on the right track. But his mocking tone preemptively cuts the legs off that argument.

The thing is, if you don’t have a correct Biblical view as your basis, then there is little argument against homosexual activity. If consenting adults (1, 2, or 20) want to pleasure themselves and each other sexually, why shouldn’t they be allowed to? Without God and the Bible, sex is nothing more than a physical, animal act done completely for pleasure and sometimes reproduction. This mindset has led to the prominence–and often wide acceptance–of all kinds of sexual acts. In a worldview where “if it feels good, do it”, nothing is taboo.