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it’s kind of interesting how quickly things have gone downhill over the past 50 years. dare i say even 30. homosexuality, as many of you know, was listed as a mental illness back in the earlier revisions of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders book).

give the politically correct crowd an inch and then they will want a mile. that is the problem with moral relativism. sorry if this will this disgust you people but i believe this is a valid point to raise. what else should be allowed in the future? sex between brothers? it should be ok right if they’re both over the age of consent and they do ‘love’ each other? that is the problem with moral relativism — virtually anything can eventually be ‘okay’. despite that inner conscience, which we all have, and is given by God, tells us what is wrong. despite this i’ve had many atheists tell me that if two brothers were over the age of consent they would be okay with them engaging in the act!

i know my tone may sound angry but i don’t actually direct it towards most of the gay people i’ve come across. as far as they are concerned they believe their condition is genuine and cannot be changed — to some point that is true. perhaps only through God’s intervention can they abandon that lifestyle.

are gays born the way they are? of course not. there have been studies done “proving” that homosexuality is due to nature but they’re questionable and often carried out by sexual deviants themselves. for more information see trueorigins.org, a decent christian site that debunks such theories.

anyway, if homosexuality was genetic what should that mean? does that mean that homosexuality should be acceptable since they have no say about it either? what about if paedophilia and bestiality were also found to be of genetic origin? would that be okay too?

personally i don’t believe that such perversions are genetic in origin. if it were that case then yes, as they often claim, God would be to blame. but as we know from the Bible God is not the author of evil. and God has clearly stated in the Bible that homosexuality is an abomination and logically this means He wouldn’t have created any of us that way

anyway, this leads us to one conclusion, and the most compassionate one. that homosexuality is a mental illness. thus, homosexuals must be treated, or at least given support in their path of abstinence. i believe that homosexuals that dont act out on their impulses and dont make provisions for their sins are just as likely candidates for Heaven as you or i. obviously the impulses per se won’t cause them to be condemned, otherwise we’d all be condemned for our equivalent behaviour

i believe this is the most compassionate way to deal with homosexuals as:
1) we treat it as an illness and thus we don’t play the blame game. who tells someone who has cancer that it’s their fault and keep bringing them down about it?
2) if we truly loved them we would want to lead them to Jesus Christ
3) treatment may lead to the former homosexual living a healthy heterosexual life

let me emphasize that i don’t hate homosexuals. not at all. we see plenty of ‘fag hating’ rallies but virtually none over divorces, which i believe is more destructive to society. (divorce is pretty much the new institution, not marriage)

targeting individual homosexuals will only make it worse anyway. i’ve found that homosexuals are, despite what you may believe from what you see on the outside, self-loathing. and this feeling of self-loathing/low-self worth just reinforces their homosexuality. and even worse they may go kill themself. nasty

but on the other hand we shouldn’t dispense of Bible quotes out of context such as “God is love” and then go on about it in a Universalist manner that despite gays living out that lifestyle they will still go to Heaven. they will not. especially if they are in a gay marriage. which is another matter entirely… a person in a gay marriage is almost certainly going to Hell whereas a *genuine* christian, albeit genuinely struggling with their homosexual feelings, has a better chance. a gay MARRIAGE is a COMMITMENT to sin. therefore there is no repentence, no acknowledgement that their lifestyle is sinful. there is no remorse

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