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My neighbours are openly gay and I have struggled with this question on many different levels. I can not argue that the acts of homosexuality are sinful to the core, but does that make the person unloved by God? If God loves them but hates the sin in their lives is He not asking them to be people they are not? Many people argue that being a homosexual is not a cognitive choice they make and it is a chemical one, much like how I may find women with red hair attractive yet not be particularly fond of brunettes. Having talked with gay friends in my life they just do not find the female form as attractive as the male form and as is the case with the majority of them this attraction was noticed at a very young age but usually not acted upon until they were older. I seriously struggle to find a happy mid-ground between telling them that God loves them as they are and that they need to change their sinful lifestyle. What are your thoughts? Do you have any gay friends? Have you approached them about this issue? I don’t want scripture thrown at me to show me that it is a sin… I wish to figure out how to deal with people of the homosexual lifestyle in a Christ-like and loving manner.