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God loves us inspite of our sin. Hey loves gays as well but just because God loves someone doesn’t mean they have salvation…

I look at it this way. Living as a homosexual is a perpetually sinful lifestyle. Its a choice to continue a particular sin with no intent or desire to stop. Thats a lot differnt from the pastor who messes up and watches a porno then honestly repents and is greived by his action. Both examples are sin but the pastor recognizes it repents and turns from it (somtimes to fall again but turns non the less) and the homosexual says, “I either don’t care that this is sin or I don’t admit that its sin and I’m going to live this way no matter what the Bible says.”

Also, the Bible calls homoesexuality an “abomination” and there aren’t to many things it singles out like that…just food for thought.

So this big question is can anyone be gay (without attempting to stop) and have salvation at the same time? Well I personally believe this answer is no…however… I hope that I’m wrong.