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let me make a quick follow-up…

I truely believe that a gay man can get saved and then still have gay thoughts and desires and even sin sexually as Christ is helping him heal / be delivered / etc from the sin but there is a point where if he’s not progessivly getting better or better yet he stops trying and just decides to continue the gay lifestyle regardless of what he knows is right then the Bible calls this apostacy and we all know that that means.

I heard a really good sermon about how to know if you’ve fallen into apostacy…

#1 If you’re worried that you have fallen into it then you haven’t :D The Holy Spirit is still talking to your heart and bringing conviction to that area of sin that has worried you.

#2 If you no longer feel the conviction of the HS over a sin issue that was a struggle for you and you continue to do then you might be in trouble…

This could be a good example for gays who claim to know whats right (at least at some point) then continue to commit the sin over and over and never feel bad about it. Even worse…they are proud of it!

Again, for the sake of thier souls I hope that everything I’ve learned and heard and read from the Word in this area I’m misunderstanding…but I don’t think thats the case.

I pray God’s grace over thier lives.