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You mean to tell me we can’t remix a song even if we did it for free?

That’s exactly what I’m telling you… LEGALLY you can’t. That rule used to be called the Fair Use rule. But the record companies lobbied and got the law altered to suit them. I believe the only way around this is to NOT offer the remixed song for download. DJ mixes and remixes are not allowed to be offered for download or IN ANY WAY BY WHICH A PERSON MIGHT BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD IT. This means, you can’t have it on myspace even if you disable the download feature, because it can be ripped off by other means.

THE ONLY WAY to do beat the ‘legal system’ regarding remixes and DJ mixsets is to have them playing on your site (stream them) randomly so that the visitor to your site has no control over the remix/mixset.

well as far as mixsets, I don’t know a DJ that doesn’t offer his/her mixes for download. So guess TECHNICALLY all DJ’s are illegal, lol. But hey I see it as this, most of the time you can’t get the whole song from a set anyway.