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For standard DJ’ing there is a bulk license that the venue is responsible for. So, if you are playing a set somewhere – I don’t believe the DJ is liable for the copyright there. If your chuch is large and has a media group – there’s a good chance the guy in charge of it knows what I’m talking about.

There is probably a similar thing for distributing sets… however, if they don’t want you to distribute there music in a set – I believe they have to send you a cease and desist letter. At which point you remove the content.

If you have the license, you don’t have to ask the individual artists or record companies if they will allow it – as long as they are listed on the license (almost all of them are).

I don’t know if Beatport artists are on that list, but BP probably has a separate deal in their fine print anyways – and you are probably paying for the license when you get the tracks from them. You can contact BP for those details.

Again, I believe that remixes should fall under parody… however, the mashup “Grey Album” is an example of the court seeing differently. I don’t know if that was because he claimed authorship or because he was selling it or what.

I’m sure some of the details – like if you are selling the track, if it fades in and out, etc. all help or hurt your case – and I believe no matter what they have to give you a C&D letter first.

Again though, I am no lawyer.