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I can only speak to production – I don’t know the “rules” for DJ’s

First let me get the legaleese out first – there is a difference legally between stealing and copyright infringement. They are separate actions. Morally, there may be less of a line… but they have been tied together more by ASCAP than by anything else.

If I steal something from you, you no longer have it. Stealing is a criminal action – copyright infringement is a civil action. The ASCAP also has been saying they are prosecuting people copying MP3′s – that’s not true – they have been prosecuting people DISTRIBUTING MP3′s. Again, there’s a difference.*

I believe ASCAP is morally bancrupt. I’ll get off my soapbox now. :oops:

That being said, I believe we should support those artists that listen to – or not be suprised when we get no support ourselves.

I guess it depends on the amount that you are sampling, if it is intented to be a derivative work or if you are putting it out there as “yours”, and if your work in substitutive for theirs (in other words, people listen to your version and won’t buy theirs [unless it's a parody for encouraging people away from a negative message])

As far a taping a football game – they can SAY it’s illegal all they want… if it’s on the public air-waves you can tape it*. (Just not distribute it)

*”I’m not a lawyer, I just play one on TV”… I totally just stole that line!