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I think, Tony, that is my standpoint as well… I doubt I’ll remix anything else ever again unless approached by another artist to remix their work. It’s sad really, because I find the whole thing works against the whole dance culture which thrives on remixes and sampling and, yes, even DJ mixsets which are illegal.
If this dance culture followed the law as it stands now, this website would not exist. Think about it. There would be no DJ culture, because playing or distributing mixsets is illegal. Remixes of popular works are impossible because the music industry has a policy of ‘non-cooperation’… so remixing is illegal because no one can get permission. And no sampling would kill the remix scene too. It would certainly make dance music and DJing rather difficult.

It is a sad state of affairs. They should make it easier, find a middle point where both sides could gain from it.

I do beleive there is a way…With a mutual will for progress, anything can be done, may God help us all! ;)